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Pizzamiglio SRL

About Us

Our surplus values are experience and the passion for the prestige of quality.

We look forward to measuring against the market and test what we are able to do. Our yen for growing is evident through our courage not to choose the easiest way, but rather to pursue ambitious goals.

Pizzamiglio company was born to answer the need for bridge crane components already present on the market, moreover it aims at developing them and improving their quality.

Our organization blends together the founder's experience and the enthusiasm of the new generation in a dynamic team. We boast an exiguous staff turnover and our youngest workers are always supported so they can get to know the secrets of mechanics, a field which is constantly improving. In this way, they have the opportunity to learn to spot the faults and think about possible remedies; understand the problems and invent new solutions. The result is the creation of products manufactured following tradition, but with the care and flexibility of an agile modern business.

Our mission is to fully satisfy the customer providing high quality products and customized solutions in a fast and flexible way through our professionally fulfilled workers.

The result is the good repute of a business which is at the leading edge in its sector and invests its one-off experience legacy in the new generation.

Our business makes use of the most advanced technologies and equipment both in design and production. Pizzamiglio products are widely appreciated especially for their quality and reliability and their use is therefore widespread in the national market.

Our manufacturing plant in Valeggio, province of Verona, in the North-East of Italy, is the tangible and gratifying fruit of an unique constant growth path: a spacious indoor area which includes the workshop and well-provided and rationally organized warehouse. Next to these facilities, a bright building houses the counting house, the administrative office and the technical department.